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Smart Block 2020


Something we can install today that will deliver value from the day the doors are opened. A vision that changes perceptions and demonstrates that solutions are within reach. That vision
is called Smart Block 2020.
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A real vision of a Smart Building:
building infrastructure
operational costs
student experience

Foundation for smart buildings of the future.

SFI™ is much more than super-fast broadband and pervasive wireless. Investing in a future-proofed infrastructure today ensures the property stays relevant and competitive and will be a place that students will want to live in for generations.

Measuring energy just got easier.

Submetering deployed over Smart Fibre Infrastructure™ enables operators to access and analyse energy consumption on a granular scale. By moving away from the performance of the whole building to room by room analysis allows the operator to drill into key areas of overuse and regain control of utilities.

Saving money one room at a time.

A managed thermostat solution controlled by the landlord. Individual room thermostats added to the overall building heating system will allow students to control their home-from-home environment, be mindful of green credentials whilst retaining overall control for the operator.

A breath of fresh air.

Studies show that student accommodation is the main place of study on any university campus so the quality of the environment should be appropriately managed.

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